Thursday, April 7, 2011

How it went?

It started out shaky with everyone trying to remember their lines. Then we found quicker ways to do it and everything went smooth. We just wanted to get it over with at first, but then we started thinking of more fun ways to re-shoot scenes to make them better. Ben Engstrand and i had some fun with our entrances and exits ;) Suprise

Monday, March 28, 2011

Post #3

Juliet was talking with the Nurse and Lady Capulet about marriage. They said it's time to get married and she's ready, but she is only 14 years old. The nurse and Lady Capulet are encouraging her getting married and are excited for her. They are planning on her marring Paris. Juliet's mom was talking about her growing up and its her time to get married. It's crazy how early they did that back then.

Post #2

Everyone is talking to Juliet. Juliet says she hasn't really thought about it. Capulet tells her that when she was Juliet's age she had Juliet, so Juliet needs to start thinking about getting married. Romeo is going to a dinner with Benvolio. Romeo is also talking about being in love and has multiple emotions about being in love and Benvolio is talking to him about it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Act 1 Scene 1

The two families do not like each other at all. They have fought and yelled at each other in the past. They end up yelling at each other again, the insults get personal and fighting breaks out. Romeo wasnt there but he is still sad.
If someone came down the street and flipped me off, i would have to go and atleast talk to them. Depending on their size i would fight them :)